Meeting the Homeowner

Do I Need To Be Home To Get A Free Estimate?

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not the home owner has to be home to get an estimate.  While it is possible to estimate while the homeowner is gone, we do prefer to meet with the homeowner directly for several reasons. First is to perform an onsite inspection and discuss…

Rainy Season in South Florida

Florida Rainy Season

The rainy season in South Florida stretches from May to November, and it’s a time when the region usually gets 70 percent of its annual rainfall. The 2015 season has been affected by the el Nino weather event in the Pacific, which has caused slightly less rainfall than normal, but the numbers are still well above…

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel Installation

Whenever it rains there is a tremendous amount of water that goes to waste.  Have you ever wondered how some of it can be saved and used for different useful purposes?  This might make you ask yourself how that would even be possible.  So here is the answer to that question; rain barrels!  Rain barrels…

Prevent Foundation Water Damage with Gutters from Coast to Coast Gutters

Gutters Prevent Damage To Your House

Did you ever wonder why gutters were invented? Just why do we have these long metal funnels and tubes attached to the roofs of our houses? There’s actually a very good reason: because rainwater is bad for a house. Experts say that one inch of rainfall on your roof can create 500 gallons of rainwater…

Why Use Seamless Gutters

The Advantage of Seamless Gutters

“Seamless” is usually a word you hear in terms of clothing or fabric, not rain gutters. However, seamless gutters are a new development that can be a big improvement over traditional gutters. The reason is that traditional gutters are assembled and attached by various types of connectors, and every place where there is a connection,…

Gutter Cleaning Services - Ft Lauderdale - Coast to Coast Gutters

Why Clean Your Gutters?

A selection of large trees on the property can really make your home look beautiful, but large trees can be hazardous to your gutters. Storms and wind can blow leaves and branches from those trees into your gutters, where they do an effective job of clogging the system. When the gutters get clogged, rainfall has…